занятия в тренажерном зале

Where to start exercising in the gym

In recent decades, more and more people are thinking about a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise. Various types of fitness are becoming more and more popular. Each person has the opportunity to try out different sports directions, choose the most suitable ones. Almost everyone encounters certain difficulties at the beginning of this path.

Before starting classes, you need to think about and weigh certain points:

  1. Initially, you need to determine the end result of training. You must decide for yourself what you want to achieve – losing weight, getting lean muscles, working out specific parts of the body, improving overall well-being.
  2. You must understand that it is impossible to solve these problems in a short time. This can take months of regular, strenuous exercise.
  3. Think in advance about the daily routine, at what time and how many times a week you can study without prejudice to your main job or study.
  4. Understand, in addition to training, you need to eat right, allocate enough time for recovery after training, for adequate sleep and rest.
  5. If you have a chronic illness or previous injury, you should consult a doctor before starting training. If your doctor permits you to exercise, tell the coach about your diagnosis so that he can tailor a lesson plan for you.

What to bring with you to training?

You need a large gym bag, put the following items in it:

  • workout clothes, tracksuit or shorts with a T-shirt;
  • sneakers or sneakers;
  • water bottle;
  • gym gloves to avoid scuffs and blisters;
  • towel

What will you face in the gym?

Arriving at the gym, familiarize yourself with all areas of fitness and exercise equipment. Each sports club offers many types of group and individual activities. Try to choose for yourself what you like. You do not need to do exercises that you do not like for months.


Regardless of what type of training you choose for yourself, you must adhere to the following rules. Before working out, devote a quarter of an hour to a warm-up that will warm up your muscles, avoid injuries and sprains. Jump rope, run in place, warm up at a fast pace.

The duration of the main workout is determined by your goals. Usually, this stage with cardiovascular exercises takes more than an hour at medium intensity. The duration of training on strength machines should not exceed one hour.

The final stage is called hitching, it is necessary to accelerate muscle recovery, improve blood circulation, increase joint flexibility.

Gyms offer two types of classes – individual and personal. During individual lessons, a person exercises independently on simulators or with sports equipment. This method is good for people with training experience. It is advisable for beginners to work with a trainer. The instructor will draw up a personal training program, advise a set of exercises, and recommend the necessary simulators. A personal trainer will help you control your well-being, and, if necessary, will adjust the training program. After you master the exercises on the simulators, you will be able to train on your own, but the constant supervision of an experienced trainer will contribute to the quickest achievement of your goals.

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