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What is the secret of oriental dance?

There is an opinion that the beautiful half of humanity is trained in Arabic dance (belly dance) in order to seduce men. This can be explained by the fact that he is popular in nightlife establishments. Many centuries ago, belly dancing was the privilege of only women. Girls, married women and older ladies danced for themselves, showing their individuality. It was performed during obstetrics too. When a woman gave birth to a child, her friends danced at her bed. Then the birth was much easier. But men were forbidden to be where this witchcraft dance was performed. In Eastern countries, women dance at any age, from young to old.

What is the secret of oriental dance?

Fascinating music, beautiful, flying and shining outfits, plastic and soft movements. All this reveals in a woman her own “I”. In the dance, she feels like a real queen!

This is a special technique, when some parts of the body are blocked while others are working. All muscle groups are involved in the dance, even those that are not used in everyday life. And you also need to be able to relax, then the movements will be beautiful and soft. This exotic dance has many benefits for women.

Improves psycho-emotional state.

In today’s society, it is customary to suppress your anger, irritability and resentment. All negative energy accumulates inside a person and leads to ailments. But one has only to turn on the magical Arabic music and start dancing, as all hardships and grievances are forgotten. By performing this magical dance, you can free yourself from negativity and heal diseases.
Belly dance helps women to improve their self-esteem. They become relaxed, sexy, free and confident. Finally, they begin to love themselves as they are. After 3-6 months of training, the gait becomes light and mysterious, the complexion improves. But these changes will manifest themselves only through patience, constant dance classes and work on yourself.

Posture is corrected.

Thanks to belly dancing, the back gains flexibility and posture improves. If you exercise regularly, you can get rid of the stoop. Pains in the spine and joints disappear.

The shape is being adjusted.

During the workout, the back, abdominal and waist muscles are trained and stretched. Thanks to this, the figure improves, the waist becomes thin, and the hips are slim. The main element of the oriental technique – “shaking”, can get rid of cellulite in a few months. And no vibrating massagers will come in handy!

Useful for expectant mothers.

Pregnant women can and should perform oriental dances (if there are no deviations). It is necessary to reduce the load during classes, you can dance up to six months of pregnancy. The eastern technique of movements helps to train the muscles of the pelvis, perineum and abdomen. The back is strengthened – this is very important, because expectant mothers are experiencing a load on the spine due to the gradually growing abdomen. Most women, during pregnancy, develop varicose veins. Dancing prevents the appearance of this disease. Regular exercises are the guarantor of easy, calm childbirth and the birth of a healthy baby. By the way, after giving birth, you can easily put your figure in order.

How to learn to dance?

Nowadays there are many video tutorials for those who want to learn this exotic and beautiful dance on their own. But it’s better to enroll in a special school. The coach, during classes, will always tell you how to correctly perform certain dance elements.

And now everyone is invited to dance to the fiery oriental music for pleasure, beauty and health!

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