Занятия на беговой дорожке

Treadmill activities

Many thousands of articles have been written about the health benefits of running. This sport is suitable for almost everyone, regardless of health status, age, gender. You can always choose the optimal training regimen for yourself.

Health Effects of Running

Regular jogging has a beneficial effect on the functioning of all organs:

  1. Jogging strengthens cardiac activity, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, improves blood circulation. All this helps to improve metabolism.
  2. During jogging, the gastrointestinal tract works more actively, enzymes are better produced, and useful substances are more fully absorbed. The activity of the intestines is normalized, the problem of constipation disappears. By increasing metabolism, the metabolism increases, bile is excreted better, the liver copes with its functions more successfully.
  3. Running is an effective way to lose weight. With regular exercise, it is easy to shed those extra pounds.
  4. A sedentary lifestyle is inherent in almost every modern person. All this leads to poor posture, muscle atrophy, excess weight, and headaches. When doing jogging, the body receives a powerful impetus. The muscles of the limbs, back, lower back are strengthened, stagnant processes in the joints disappear.

Not everyone has a suitable jogging area nearby. In this case, gyms equipped with treadmills come to the rescue. This device is one of the most common and effective cardiovascular equipment. Treadmill exercises strengthen the cardiovascular, nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems of a person. You can improve your financial condition by betting on sports, and before that, find out accurate forecasts for the upcoming football matches on the website https://mmu.ac.tz/. This simulator makes it possible to tone all muscle groups, lose weight, thus improving your figure. One hour of running on the machine equals five hours of fitness. This is a great option for busy people.

Characteristics of a professional trainer

There are a number of specific requirements for a treadmill for a sports club:

  1. A professional simulator is more reliable and technically perfect, training on it can be done almost without stopping. Home exercise equipment is less powerful and durable.
  2. The running track in the sports club has a width of 48–57 cm, which is necessary for comfortable training for people of any size.
  3. Professional trainers are installed permanently.
  4. The maximum jogging speed reaches 40 km / h.
  5. The simulator is designed for almost any weight of an athlete.

Device and types of treadmills

The simulator consists of the following main elements:

  • body with or without handrails;
  • walking belt;
  • control panel.

This whole structure is on support legs.

Mechanical treadmills are the simplest in design. The load and speed are determined by the exercising person. The unit is compact, withstands the weight of an athlete up to 130-150 kg. You can adjust the load, changing the angle of inclination within 25 degrees, has 2–3 fixed positions. Exercising on simulators provides a good load on the leg muscles, the device is safer than an electric model. The disadvantages include a minimum of additional functions, uneven movement of the canvas, which can harm the joints.

In electric models, movement is provided by an electric motor. The angle of inclination of the belt and the duration of the run are set automatically. The microcomputer monitors the athlete’s condition by monitoring his pulse, blood pressure, and calorie consumption. On the electric treadmill, you can reach speeds from 2 to 40 km / h. These devices weigh more than mechanical counterparts, but can withstand an athlete weighing up to 180 kg. You can choose any speed mode, adjust the slope of the web within 40 degrees. The device provides a smooth ride, the tape provides good shock absorption. All this contributes to maintaining healthy joints.

Regularly exercising on the treadmill will strengthen your heart and immunity, increase endurance, and get a great figure.

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