The most affordable and easy ways to increase testosterone and increase male strength

Hormones have a significant effect on the functioning of a man. Male sex hormones are produced in the testes and adrenal cortex and have similar properties.

The most powerful androgen is testosterone, it is many times more effective than others. Sex hormones begin to affect the body in the prenatal state, their action continues throughout life. With age, the concentration of male sex hormones decreases. The level of sex hormones affects the appearance, character traits, psyche of its owner. Testosterone has significant effects on physical fitness, thinking, leadership, creativity, character, longevity, sexual health.

The value of testosterone for men


Testosterone affects the male body in the following way:

  1. Provides protection against many age-related diseases.
  2. Provides high libido, the activity of the reproductive system.
  3. Responsible for the appearance of secondary male characteristics – a low voice, Adam’s apple, male-pattern hairiness.
  4. Strengthens bones and muscles.
  5. Prevents the development of fatty layers, protects the cardiovascular system.
  6. Promotes the development of leadership qualities – initiative, energy, ambition.

Most men who have achieved significant career success tend to have higher testosterone levels than those who do not tend to pursue career growth.

Causes and consequences of a decrease in the level of sex hormones

This unpleasant phenomenon can be either a consequence of a disease or appear under the influence of unfavorable factors:
• bad habits – smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs;

  • regular stress, overexertion, chronic fatigue;
  • little physical activity;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • taking a number of medications.

All this causes the following deviations and pathologies:

  • sexual dysfunction;
  • loss of muscle mass;
  • increased body fat;
  • sleep disturbance;
  • mood swings.

Men with low levels of sex hormones lose confidence in their abilities, their motivation decreases, they are more likely to experience apathy.

Available Ways to Increase Testosterone Concentration


Exercise, a balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle will help to regulate the hormones of men.
To normalize the level of hormones, overweight men need to bring it back to normal. Scientists have proven that male sex hormones are converted into female sex hormones in adipose tissue. Therefore, sport should become your constant companion. Exercise regularly.

The most effective way to exercise is a combination of intense exercise and rest.

Approximate Workout Schedule:

  • warm-up – 3-5 minutes;
  • significant physical activity – 30 seconds;
  • rest – 1-1.5 minutes.

Several approaches need to be taken. This mode works well in the gym with dumbbells or a barbell. You can also train on a treadmill, in the pool.

Healthy nutrition


Low-calorie and unbalanced diets can significantly lower testosterone levels. It is imperative to include in your diet foods rich in protein, vitamins, magnesium, zinc:

  1. Fish and seafood containing essential saturated fat, selenium, zinc, vitamins, protein. The diet must include fatty fish – trout, salmon, herring, tuna and others. It is advisable to steam or bake fish, do not oversalt food.
  2. Meat and eggs are an irreplaceable source of protein.
  3. Dairy products are a storehouse of calcium, vitamin D, which can affect hormone levels, the state of the musculoskeletal system.
  4. Vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries supply the body with vitamins and neutralize toxic substances from other foods. Fiber helps to cleanse the body, rid it of excess moisture, and normalize sugar levels.
  5. Seeds and nuts are high in zinc and magnesium.

Try to avoid stressful situations, adhere to an active life position, see joy even in small things, have a regular sex life, enjoy every moment.

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