Tennis for the soul

It is well known that regular physical activity without fanaticism is the key to maintaining the body in good shape, maintaining physical health for many years. When we plan to start training, then, first of all, we think about exercising on simulators, about morning jogging, about fitness. For some reason, tennis as a type of training rarely occurs to us. But it’s not for nothing that this sport is popular with many famous people, it is very useful for physical and psychological health.

Benefits of tennis court training

In comparison with other sports, tennis has a number of undeniable advantages:

  1. We cannot imagine a sport without injuries, but in tennis they happen very rarely. The maximum that can threaten is sprains and dislocations. And if you follow the coach’s recommendations, then you will be able to avoid such troubles.
  2. Exercise on the map allows us to stretch and improve our joints, which in many people began to stiffen due to a sedentary lifestyle. Training has a beneficial effect on the condition of muscles, heart, blood vessels.
  3. This game allows you to relax, escape from the tense rhythm of life, relieve psychological stress. The player has the opportunity to get rid of stress, restore his nervous system.
  4. Playing tennis significantly improves the coordination of an athlete, develops his reaction, improves attention. During the game, not only muscles work, but also memory and strategic thinking are strengthened.


Training in the sports club

The game of tennis has become available to a large number of amateurs in recent decades, when many gyms began offering indoor tennis courts. These sports facilities meet the requirements of international standards, allow you to train at any time of the year and in any weather. Regularity is very important in mastering the technique of the game. In sports clubs, a professionally trained coach will come to your aid. Taking into account your physical fitness, age and purpose of training, the coach will select an individual program for you. A personal instructor will explain to you how to hold the racket correctly, direct the blow, and correctly move along the map.

Many sports clubs offer tennis for the whole family. While parents are working with experienced trainers, special classes are held for children.

A good racket, a uniform for playing, special shoes, wristbands and other playing accessories are not cheap. The sports club is equipped with all the necessary equipment for training both experienced athletes and beginners. Here you can pick up rackets, balls, accessories. The trainer will help you choose clothes and shoes for the season.

Duration of classes

Professional tennis players train for several hours every day. For amateurs, it is enough to devote to training for 1-2 hours three times a week. Experienced coaches assure that one lesson will not bring much benefit, two lessons a week allow you to maintain a healthy shape, and three can be a good base for professional growth, give the opportunity to participate in amateur tournaments.

Any workout begins with a set of exercises to warm up muscles and joints. This avoids further injury. Particular attention is paid to breathing training and psychological preparation. When playing professionally, it is important to be able to relax, distract from unnecessary thoughts, and concentrate on the game.

Each person needs to carve out time in their frantic schedule for the opportunity to release tension, relax at the tennis court, devote time to their favorite pastime.

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