This elliptical trainer is especially popular among the fair sex, as during training there is a decrease in body weight, muscle strengthening. The orbitrack combines the basic functions of an exercise bike, treadmill and stepper. The movements performed during exercise resemble ski walking. The simulator can be used for preparatory workouts, it is indispensable for people who are recovering from injuries of the musculoskeletal system. There is no load on the spine or knee joints during the exercises. Doctors often prescribe lessons on the orbit track for those who need rehabilitation. The ability to change the load allows this simulator to be used by people of any age, with any physical fitness.

The following muscles are used during exercise:

  1. It is possible to adjust the tilt of the machine, which increases the load and increases the stretching of the hamstrings.
  2. When exercising on the orbit track, the muscles of the back and front of the thigh are well loaded.
  3. Leaning slightly backwards during exercise increases the load on the muscles of the buttocks.
  4. In the process of training, the pectoral muscles and triceps, as well as the biceps and back muscles are included in the work.
  5. The calf muscles work well, you can adjust the load by changing the inclination of the body during training.
  6. Exercise on the orbit track has a positive effect on the work of the heart.

Benefits of the elliptical trainer

Orbitrek has combined the positive features of several devices:

  1. An important advantage is comfortable conditions. The simulator is designed in such a way that, with high efficiency, there is no negative effect on joints and ligaments. During jogging, the foot does not come off the surface, muscles and ligaments do not suffer from shock traumatic effects. It is possible to choose the most suitable tempo.
  2. The simulator is effective, extra pounds are shed by decreasing body fat.
  3. Orbitrek combines the functions of several simulators, but takes up very little space.
  4. The simulator consumes a small amount of electricity due to the closed power generating system.
  5. The device is equipped with a display that allows you to take into account the distance covered, the duration of the activity, the walking speed, the calories burned, the heart rate and other indicators.
  6. While exercising on the orbit track, you can read something on your phone. You can check the predictions for upcoming football matches on the website https://uob.ac.tz/ while you are doing fitness.


Basic types of orbitracks

The simplest and most inexpensive devices are mechanical orbit tracks. Loading is set using a belt pulled over the flywheel. Their disadvantages include high noise levels, uneven running, wear of brake pads and the entire mechanism.

In magnetic orbit tracks, the braking system works with permanent magnets. Thus, smooth movement, the ability to control the load level, and almost complete noiselessness are achieved. The load level is set manually. The athlete sets the adjuster by moving the magnet closer or further away from the flywheel. The value “1” on the handle corresponds to the minimum load, and the number “8” to the maximum. Usually the medium level is chosen for training.

Electromagnetic orbit tracks are equipped with a display on which training programs are displayed. The athlete independently chooses the program, the level of load will change in accordance with the specified conditions. The simulator has an electric motor that moves the magnets in a given cycle. This type of exercise equipment is the most modern, but also the most expensive. It is used by athletes to perform strictly prescribed programs. The same simulators are installed in medical centers for rehabilitation after injuries.

The elliptical trainer appeared on our market at the end of the last century, but has already won its place in sports clubs and gyms.

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