How to motivate yourself to workout

Too hot, too cold, too early, too late, too close to dinner … these are all common excuses when it comes to motivating to exercise. I’m sure you also have your list of excuses.

Motivating yourself to exercise is an important first step, and hopefully some of the tips below will help you. You must set a goal and go towards it.

Goal is the key to success.

I always had excuses not to go to the gym until I found a really worthwhile motivation. When you start to see results, believe me, training will become much easier.

Top 15 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout

  1. Find answers to your excuses. As mentioned above, there are a lot of excuses, and you know yours, so find the answers to your excuses, this will help you understand that there are much fewer reasons not to exercise than you thought.
  2. Eliminate negative soaps – positive thoughts! Negative soaps pull you down, so think positively about your workouts.
  3. Create a notebook where you will record your diets and workouts. The recordings really motivate and give you the impetus to do what you recorded.
  4. Record your progress. If you just ran 5 km or did 20 push-ups, then write down your results, and after six months check how much progress you have.
  5. Take part in competitions among friends. Nothing is more motivating than competition among friends. You always want to be better than your friends, just as they want to be better than you. Competitions will inspire you to train harder.
  6. Take your before photo. Put such a photo in a prominent place, even in the office or on the refrigerator at home, as long as you see it often. This will be a good boost to motivation.
  7. Eat right. Cutting out unhealthy foods and eating the right foods will help you feel better and workout easier, giving you more energy.
  8. Find a friend to train with you. This will motivate you and him to work out hard.
  9. Motivating quotes. Surround yourself with motivating quotes. There are tons of quote sites out there that will help you. Use them as a splash screen or hang them on the fridge as a standing reminder.
  10. Always set a goal and go towards it. Let that be the weight you want to lift or the distance you want to run. Purpose and purpose are great motivating elements.
  11. Rewards – for example, after a hard week, eat well once (once a week), go to the cinema, buy something for yourself. Reward yourself when you have done a good job.
  12. Stress relief. There is nothing better for relieving stress than exercising, it is a great motivator that can help you.
  13. Success stories. Read about how celebrities have achieved success, it’s very informative and interesting, and it will also be very good to push you to work.
  14. New clothes – both for weight loss and weight gain. If you are training to lose weight, then it will be a huge motivator for you when you see that the things that you wore until recently are already too large for you. Likewise, if you’re gaining weight and after a while can’t pull the shirt over your biceps, it’s a huge boost to work even harder.
  15. Have fun. One of the main ones. It’s good when the workout itself is a big motivator for you. Work with your friends, compete with them, laugh – all this will give a great incentive.


All of these tips are easy to follow. But you shouldn’t be lazy, get your butt up and do them. Once you start doing something, your workouts will become much easier. We hope these 15 tips will help you motivate yourself to train and achieve the results you dream of.

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