Contraindications for exercising in the gym

Working out at the gym is good for your health, but not for everyone. Before you start exercising in the gym, consult with your doctor. Only a doctor, after examination and detailed examination, will be able to recommend suitable exercises and optimal load. Even if at the moment you are not experiencing any health problems, a specialist consultation will not be superfluous. There are diseases that do not manifest themselves in any way under normal conditions, but engaging in active physical training can provoke an exacerbation.

Train or heal?

To work out in the gym, you must, first of all, have a strong cardiovascular and digestive system, healthy respiratory organs, endocrine glands. If you do not listen to the opinion of doctors, instead of improving health, you can get an exacerbation of any diseases. There is a list of diseases in the presence of which visiting the gym is prohibited:

  • severe scoliosis;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • joint ligament disorder;
  • spinal injury;
  • condition after serious injuries and fractures;
  • mental disorders;
  • hypertension;
  • acute and chronic diseases of the digestive tract.

Persons who have suffered a stroke or heart attack, traumatic brain injury can start fitness classes 2-3 years after complete recovery, after having undergone a full medical examination.

Relative contraindications for sports

Persons with serious deviations in health are often allowed to engage only in physiotherapy exercises. A special set of exercises is selected for them. For most people, there is no absolute ban on going to the gym, you just need to choose the right kind of sport and the optimal load. An expert in functional diagnostics will help you determine the allowed loads based on your heart rate.

Most common contraindications :

  1. Strength training and static training are not recommended for people with problems with the cardiovascular system. Such loads can provoke an increase in blood pressure.
  2. After suffering a cold for 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to reduce the intensity of training, only then gradually increase it to the usual level.
  3. In the presence of benign tumors, it is necessary to select moderate loads that do not contribute to the acceleration of metabolic and metabolic processes.
  4. After any surgical intervention, you can start training no earlier than 6 months after consulting your doctor.
  5. During pregnancy, any training should be coordinated with an obstetrician-gynecologist.
  6. Injuries and fractures, the presence of artificial joints are a mandatory reason to consult a doctor.
  7. Regular vertigo can lead to serious injury during exercise, and the cause of the condition must be found and treated.

Be sure to consider your age. Those active training, which will be beneficial at the age of twenty or thirty, can be overwhelming and harmful at the age of 50. In order not to harm your health, consult your doctor. If the doctor allows you to go to the gym, see a sports doctor, take stress tests. Only in this case, playing sports will benefit you.

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