Cardio workout to burn fat after the holidays

Holiday is a big fat trap. First, you may have to travel to see your family, which means stress and skipping a workout. Secondly, during a holiday, you have to sit a lot at the table and it is very difficult to restrain yourself from a heap of tasty things and, moreover, after such banquets you go sluggish for several days. All you need to do is stick to this strategy: a cardio workout to burn fat, which can be done anywhere and a little head-on before you eat. With this cardio and strength training program, you will increase your metabolic momentum.

How not to get better during the holidays

One intense workout raises your metabolism for the next few hours, increasing the rate at which you burn calories (even when you eat junk food and watch football), which will keep you from getting better during the holidays. In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, a 80-kilogram person who does a cardio workout in 30 minutes can burn 355 calories. This should be enough to at least allow yourself to eat a “healthy” portion of the second and third courses on the table.

The schema is designed to be executed almost anywhere. So your gym can be a garage equipped with just a couple of ten-kilogram dumbbells – the main thing is to work and strive.

Do this cardio workout program before a big meal. Then you need to do it the next day and so on until the holidays are over and you get back to the gym.


Training program

Do this workout up to five times a week, but no more than three days in a row. Do 8-15 repetitions for each exercise, rest as needed between exercises (the main thing is not to feel sorry for yourself). While resting between exercises, you can distract yourself and read an interesting article on the site https://parimatch.co.tz/blog/en/parimatch-how-to-make-a-first-deposit-on-the-best-betting-site-online-in-tanzania/, which is published in the Parimatch blog. This is one home fat loss cardio workout, do 3-5 laps. If your workout seems too easy, reduce your rest time and do each repetition slowly and with more control.

  1. Shoulders alternately. Stand in a push-up position and spread your legs wide for balance. Holding the support, touch your left shoulder with your right hand. Repeat on the opposite side.
  2. Variable jump side lunges. Step right side to the side and swing your hips back. Bend your knee until your right thigh is parallel with the floor. Return to starting position with a jump.
  3. Explosive push-ups. Place your hands on the floor so that they are the same width as your shoulders. Perform a regular push-up, and when returning to the starting position, push off explosively so that your hands do not touch the floor.
  4. Split Squats. Place the bench behind you. Hold dumbbells or other weights, put your left leg on the bench behind. Sit down until your back knee is almost touching the floor and your front knee is almost parallel to the floor.
  5. Burpee. Feet shoulder-width apart, bend over and touch the floor with your hands. Push off and rest your legs behind in a prone position. Jump back to the starting position. Then jump up. For a more precise technique, read this article.
  6. Dumbbell push-ups to the stomach. Take the shell in both hands, and assume a push-up position while holding on to their handles. Shift your body weight to your right arm so that your left arm becomes free. Pull your left dumbbell toward your stomach. Repeat on the opposite side. Keep your body in a straight line and your abs will be maximized.
  7. Split Squat with Dumbbell Press. Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder level. Take a lunge position with your back foot on the bench. Sit down until your hind leg almost touches the floor with your knee. Returning to the starting position, squeeze the dumbbells up. While squatting, lower the dumbbells down.
  8. Dumbbell Row with an outstretched arm. Take a dumbbell in one hand and pull the reed back, you can bend your knees a little. The chest should be parallel to the floor, move your free hand to the side. Without moving your torso, pull the dumbbell to your ribs, bringing your elbow along your body to the ceiling.
  9. Romanian Deadlift on one leg. Take a dumbbell in one hand and rest on the opposite leg. Lower your torso, pulling your buttocks back until you feel the biceps stretch, pause for a second and return to the starting position. Read more about the technique here.
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