Боди–балет для красоты и здоровья

Body-ballet for beauty and health

When we see a flexible, graceful girl with perfect posture, we immediately want to compare her with a ballerina. Do not forget that a toned athletic body is rarely given by nature, you need to work hard on it. It is not at all necessary to exhaust yourself with training on strength machines in the gym, you can find a perfect figure and posture by doing body ballet.

The first sections of body ballet began to appear in fitness clubs in the mid-nineties, but it has gained particular popularity in recent years. Body ballet is an adapted version of classical ballet, intended for people without special training. It is based on simplified exercises used in ballet. Part of the lesson is held at the ballet barre, which, as it should be, is located against the mirrored wall. This type of training does not have significant age restrictions. Classes will help keep the body in great shape, improve not only physical, but emotional well-being. Workouts are accompanied by pleasant music, during them stress is relieved, mood improves.

Session Outline

Of course, there is no single training plan, each coach conducts it as he sees fit. The most optimal is the following sequence of exercises:

  • warm-up;
  • exercise at the bar;
  • standing exercises without support;
  • pilates;
  • stretch.

Results of body-ballet lessons

This trend in fitness is widespread. After a few months of regular training, you can achieve the following effect:

  1. During exercise, the muscles of the legs are carefully worked out, their shape improves. Such exercises are especially effective for girls with problem hips. During training, muscles get stronger, legs become slimmer.
  2. The work includes the muscles of the arms and the press. Many exercises are accompanied by raising the arms, at this time the abdominal muscles are tightened and tense, the shape of the shoulders improves.
  3. Body-ballet inherited from the classical ballet the need to stretch the socks. This way you force the muscles to stretch rather than expand in width.
  4. During training, you will monitor your posture, keep your back straight.
  5. Exercise will allow your body to become more graceful, flexible, mobile.
  6. These exercises will make your body not only beautiful, but also strong.
  7. Your muscles and ligaments will become elastic, flexible and healthy.
  8. These activities improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus.
  9. As with any sports activities, blood circulation is activated, joints are strengthened, and the work of internal organs is stimulated.


There are a number of diseases for which body ballet classes are not recommended:

  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • thrombophlebitis and varicose vessels;
  • diseases of the spine, consequences of trauma;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • cancer problems;
  • epilepsy.

Workout Clothes

A sports suit for exercise must meet several requirements:

  • be comfortable, fit the body;
  • made of natural fabric, breathable and breathable;
  • stretch well so as not to hinder movement.

A convenient option is leggings and a T-shirt or a sports swimsuit. Shoes are comfortable, soft, with thin soles. These can be gym shoes, thin sneakers or just thick socks.

It is advisable for beginners to start classes under the guidance of a professional trainer, because it is impossible to study the exercises on their own using photos or videos. For beginners, two sessions per week of 40–45 minutes are required. After 3-4 months, the duration of the lesson increases to 1 hour. And only when you have mastered all the exercises, you can train at home.

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