20 life hacks for gym visitors

The gym is regularity, discipline, approaches, sweat and, ultimately, the result. However, the training process can be made easier, and its effectiveness can be increased. We have collected 20 life hacks, different, but effective. Don’t thank.

  1. Avoid strenuous activity in the morning. After sleep, the intervertebral discs are filled with fluid. As a consequence, stress on the back in the morning can lead to injury.
  2. Diversify the training process. If you do the same exercises every time you go to the gym, after months the effect will be reduced to zero. Why go to the gym when there is no result? That’s it.
  3. Attend group sessions. They bring in an element of sporting anger and competition. Agree, no one wants to be the weakest in the group. This means you have to push and work harder.
  4. Warming up and cooling down is very important. Stretching with yoga and Pilates elements makes muscles elastic, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This will prepare your body for the stress of your workout and calm it down after.
  5. Instead of a massage roll, you can use a water bottle. This will help you relax your muscles when there is no special equipment at hand (the same massage roll for example).
  6. While doing squats, raise your tongue and rest it on the palate. This will release the tension from your neck.
  7. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, do strength exercises first before moving on to cardio. Otherwise, you will tune the body to burn fat and subsequent strength training will not bring the desired result.
  8. Regularly increase the weight you train with. Relief workers are advised to add 5% every week.
  9. Eat an orange before training. This will help avoid severe muscle pain and cramps after exercise.
  10. Use music instead of a timer. Download tracks of the desired length, and you will not be looking at the clock while doing the exercises. Your favorite song will also give you strength when you run out of energy.
  11. Jumping rope is one of the most effective ways to burn calories: in 10-15 minutes you will burn up to 200 calories. A good idea for a short but effective workout. But if you have problem knees, check this off.
  12. Forget about cotton sportswear. During intense workouts, it gets wet quickly, becomes heavy, restricting movement, and irritates the skin.
  13. Visit the gym on Mondays. This will set the right direction for the week, and you are unlikely to miss your next workout.
  14. If during training you use protection (gloves, knee pads, shields), then after training put them in the freezer. After a slight “freezing” things will not smell. This life hack will save time on the streak.
  15. Choose a storage cabinet closer to the exit. According to statistics, most of the visitors to the halls prefer seats in the center. This means the outer cabinets have fewer people and more free space. Profit.
  16. At the first sign of apathy, go to yoga. Scientists at Boston University have found that those who practice this ancient practice have reduced anxiety. Yoga bypassed even outdoor walking in this indicator.
  17. And to awaken your creativity, choose a treadmill or exercise bike. Scientists at Leiden University (Netherlands) believe that this type of physical activity can develop creative thinking.
  18. Advice for beauty. Braid your hair before exercising. After class, letting go of your hair, you will get beautiful curls.
  19. Gels, scrubs, lotions that you use after training are best taken in a mini-format (the so-called travel kit). This will make your training bag a lot lighter.
  20. And finally: never use an exercise machine for future use, leaving a towel on it. By all accounts of gym goers, this is the most annoying habit. Believe me, there are enough shells for everyone.
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