Fitball training

Every gym that hosts fitness classes offers fitness ball classes. This gymnastic ball (literally translated as a ball for healing) is an effective trainer for strengthening the cardiovascular system, developing strength and coordination. A wide variety of exercises designed for weight loss or injury recovery can be performed with this ball.

A bit of history

Large ball training was developed by a Swiss physiotherapist more than 60 years ago. These exercises were intended for the rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy. The exercises had such an obvious healing effect that they began to be used to recover from injuries. The patients improved their health, accelerated the process of tissue regeneration, increased muscle elasticity, increased blood circulation and metabolism. In the eighties fitball became widespread in fitness clubs.

Fitball selection

To get the most out of your ball exercises, pay attention to some parameters:

  1. Anti-burst ABS system ensures safety in case of accidental puncture or excessive load on the ball – it will not burst, but will gradually deflate.
  2. Thick walls are strong enough, the quality of rubber is selected for the weight category of the athlete. Balls vary in terms of surface area load.
  3. A quality ball is made of a material with special additives that provide products with anti-static properties that do not allow dust and debris to stick. You will not experience static electricity during your workout.
  4. The certificate guarantees the environmental friendliness of the material, the absence of harmful components. A high-quality product is warm to the touch and does not have an unpleasant odor.
  5. Choose the size of the ball that suits your height, arm length, and purpose.
  6. The shell of the ball should not be too elastic. It should spring easily and quickly recover its shape.
  7. Check the seams, they should not be visible on visual inspection, the inflation nipple is soldered inward.

The benefits of exercising on fitball

The effects of training are similar to horse riding. The seated person must control their muscles to maintain balance. During rhythmic vibrations, the work of all internal organs is stimulated, new conditioned reflexes are developed, and posture improves.

After exercising regularly, you will notice the following results:

  • weight loss;
  • improving the proportions of the figure;
  • stabilization of blood pressure;
  • strengthening the back muscles, abdominal muscles;
  • correct posture formation;
  • improved coordination of movements;
  • increased joint mobility, muscle elasticity;
  • normalization of digestion processes;
  • stabilize mood.

Everyone can choose the type of fitball training for themselves. Just like everyone can place bets at the parimatch bookmaker on the site Physical data, age, health status do not matter. Special complexes have been developed for children, for weight loss, for recovery from injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Joint training will unite your family, bring a lot of joy to all its members, especially children.